About GMCS

Global Maintenance & Cleaning Service Ltd (GMCS) was founded by some of UK’s famous and rebound cleaning company’s former employee who are committed to providing a quality service regardless of the nature or size of your premises. We are constantly striving to enhance, review and refine our quality systems with the intention of providing a service that matches and exceeds expectations. We strongly believe that quality assurance lies closest to the point of actual delivery, therefor we have put in place a range of quality control measures that work plus we have a constant supervision and management back up in place to ensure that our client’s premises are kept in the highest standard.

We do and deliver what we had promise nothing less. We are working in the partnership with all clients and improving our service constantly. The smooth coordination’s between our services and clients needs and procedures are very important to us. We closely communicate work and act with all clients individually and make our work systems, procedures and policy consistent with the clients. This will enable us to provide as smooth and professional service as possible to each client’s individually.

We will integrate with your culture and operation; work closely with your management team to maintain service quality, cost management and effective cleaning solutions. Our aim is not just to provide cleaning solution for you. Our main aim and goals is to be you partner in your business needs and goals and work closely together to achieve the best possible result in our service delivery as a provider and make or exceed your expectations as a clients.