Health and Safety Policy

We believe in doing what’s right for our colleagues and our clients and we are committed to maintaining a working environment which is free from harm. We believe that professional management of health and safety is a key to the success of our business and specifically to deliver operational excellence and outstanding customer service.

We will provide the leadership, development and support to ensure that:

  • Colleagues including our employees have the tools and training to do their job safely and are able to contribute their views to the management of health and safety. This means that we are open for all suggestion regarding safe working practice and ready to implement individual but the best way of work from or by our team.
  • All health and safety risks are understood, evaluated and controlled by adopting best practice in all of our work procedures. We continuously provide professional and adequate training for all our employees to adhere high level of understanding of safe working practice.
  • Health and safety performance is regularly monitored, reviewed and reported. All founding’s are also available for our clients. Any area of risk identified for improvements is reviewed and necessary solution to eliminate health and safety risk is implemented by our management.
  • We act on what we learn to continually improve our health and safety performance. Our working practices are regularly reviewed on the grounds and improve consistently by our working team.

We remind all colleagues that we all have a personal responsibility for our own health and safety and that of other people who could be affected by our work. All colleagues must therefore adhere to safe working practices and fully co-operate with our managers on any matter relating to health and safety.

This policy will be reviewed annually.