Environment Policy

GMC Services and its activities provide an important opportunity to protect and improve the environment in which we work and serve, adopting wherever professional and practical principles of sustainable development. We therefore pay more attention to the development and use of materials, products, processes and services that will reduce environmental impact.

  • We will implement our policies through a coordinated management system. Our management team are constantly monitoring cleaning solutions to assess whether there are better, environmentally friendly solutions on the market
  • We will create cleaning services and processes that are safe for use and have low or minimum environmental impact. GMC Services always consider natural resource consumption, waste management and the implementation of energy efficiency methods
  • GMC Services recognise the need to use energy efficient equipment and machinery that reduces emissions into the environment. We also provide suggestions and regular research of new products and equipment available on the market which has low environmental footprint.
  • We are working closely with our entire supplier chain to ensure that the products and chemicals used by us are environmentally friendly and have minimum impact on our environment.
  • GMC Service identified, evaluated and control safety, health and environmental risks by implementing policy through a comprehensive plan with measurable goals. We monitor and analyse performance on each working site individually against the goals and plans. This unable us to continually improve what and how we do our job.
  • Senior management performing regular environmental audits and evaluations of compliance with the policy statement, legal and requirements of our clients.
  • Any hazards associated with our products and services are assessed, Managed and communicated to our clients.
  • Work instructions, based on the findings of risk assessment, are communicate and understood by all employees. This is achieved by regular training for all our employees.
  • We promote openness and discussion with employees and related parties, addressing to their questions about potential risks and impacts of services, wastes, products and operations.