Bianca Coman


Health & Safety, Operational strategy,
Training, Client Relation.

I joined GMC Services in December 2013. I am jointly responsible for all GMCS Ltd operational activities, including customer relations ensuring projects are delivered on time and in accordance with agreed objectives..

With over 8 year’s industry experience, primarily in operational and technical roles, I have a passion for the development of operational technologies and solutions and oversee the company’s strategy affairs. I am responsible for all operational activities, including customer relations, ensuring projects are delivered on time and in accordance with KPIs. I am involved in developing the company business processes, influencing business development and for overall profitability.

I had held management positions with operational responsibilities. This experience supplements the traditional responsibilities associated with my role, providing strong leadership, support and guidance to the extended management team across the business. My primary focus is our customers. We serve our customers locally, regionally and globally with specific value propositions, and focus on identifying their individual needs and wants. I build enduring partnerships with customers who value our professional approach to service. We are working in full partnership with our clients to achieve both our and clients business goals.


On the beginning of my career I initially worked hands-on alongside cleaning operatives. Today I draw on my years of experience in the cleaning industry to sustain high company standards and support the training and development of our staff. I am a member of BICS institute and successfully completed training and become professional BICS assessor. We as GMC Services are passionate about and committed to the training and development of our staff, it is the framework for helping employees to develop their personal and our organisational skills, knowledge, and abilities to meet current and future objectives. Successful training and development boosts morale as employees feel more informed, knowledgeable, motivated and better equipped to handle the challenges of their job. It also helping us to be more successful and deliver outstanding service to our clients.